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First WoW-theme shirt SOLD

You may know I’ve been making a buck from turns of phrase in my preferred industry (gaming), but most sales so far have been Starcraft 2 themed apparel, specifically the “GLHF are the last four words you’ll ever hear” tshirt.

I finally decided to advertise that particular product when I made my first WoW-themed sale:

A t-shirt that says “Don’t tell my guild…I’m <AFK>”.

I don’t know if this is related to the advertising or just that my first WoW-preferred customer found the product, but either way, it was cause to celebrate.

I’m much prouder of my line of “Save a tank, hug a < Healer >” line of apparel, one says “Healer” literally, the others say, “hug a…” Shaman, Priest, Druid, etc.

Sometimes you don’t know what the customer wants until the customer shows you, though. Money talks.

Jason’s Tshirt on top of Google

I recently sold another “GLHF”-themed shirt on Zazzle. That’s 8 so far, which is not bad considering I’ve done virtually no advertising or promotion.

Being rewarded for pure creativity. Imagine it.

The sale prompted me to wonder how easy it is to find my shirts; there are several where “GLHF” sets up a punchline.

I typed “GLHF shirt” (without quotes) into Google and was pleased to discover my products form the top 3 results. Awesome!

So now, if you have friends that play SC2 or other RTS games where “GLHF” is a common expression, instead of telling them “my friend Jason has a thing on zazzle if you go there and search open door and go to this store”, you can just say “Google GLFH shirt”.

Did I mention Christmas is soon?