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Two free previews added

I have now added the (overdue) previews of The Whisper Kids and Second Chances to the website.

Announcing New Project: MINDWRITERS

I am pleased to announce the inception of a new project for 2011, one that has absolute blockbuster potential. Part “epic movie”, part heist, part X-Files, and all mindblowing.

It has far too much depth for a short story, which means another novel-length project. And one that will pack a much harder punch than FRAGILE GODS — even in the outline, I am starting to really love and fear the characters.

In addition, some of the “negative” feedback for THE WHISPER KIDS was that people wanted to know more. This strikes me as less of a complaint, and more like evidence I should consider novelizing it. While I haven’t put that much depth into THE WHISPER KIDS, these comments have put me back in the novelist frame of mind.

MINDWRITERS follows a team of telepaths who perform heists. Able to manipulate the minds of their subjects, they have been virtually unstoppable. But when they discover that others know of their powers — and are capable of countering them — the game turns deadly. They will have to outwit opponents who are more powerful, better informed, and better funded. “Survival” takes on new meaning when you can no longer trust your own thoughts.

It might just blow your mind.

THE WHISPER KIDS is finished.

My latest short story, THE WHISPER KIDS, is a short story about a clique of high school kids harboring a dark secret. Mark, a new transfer to Eastmont High, must unravel that secret lest it threaten his life or the lives of his friends. But things do not turn at all like he expects.

The free preview of this story will be added to the website this weekend.

The full version of the story will be sent out to frequent readers and is available to others upon request.

THE WHISPER KIDS completed first draft.

I have finished the first draft of my latest short story, called THE WHISPER KIDS.

It’s sent in high school from the perspective of your typical “new kid” who gradually learns that a secretive cabal made of only teenagers harbors a dark secret.

I’ll be sending it willing readers after a day or two of polish.